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Knowledge and Experience

DJP Corp Trading as Inland Building & Construction is run By Directors David and Stuart Pennells and has been trading for 30 years. Inland Building & Construction mainly focuses on the construction of Commercial building projects ranging from $200,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 within the central tablelands. Directors David and Stuart have been builders for over 30 and 10 years respectively and both bring a unique perspective to the table. David as well as being highly experienced within the commercial sector is a licenced real estate agent who helps to bring a unique perspective to the marketplace of what clients really look for and need in their commercial buildings, whilst Stuart, having completed his degree in Construction Management Brings modern and innovative perspective using new and innovative construction alternatives. Combined Inland Building and Constructing have achieved a balance of experience and knowledge that is second to none.

Quality Assured

In-house management of all building works

Our staff manage the majority of all building works with the exception of plumbing and electricity, for these areas we have permanent contractors we use for all our projects, and because we do nearly all the work ourselves, we are assured of the quality of work completed as well as the time and money saved as we are not reliant on sub-contractors fitting us into their schedules.

We specialise in Concrete Tilt Panel Construction and have invested in the specialty equipment required. Although we also work in other areas including:

  • major restoration works
  • innovative smaller residential dwellings
  • large scale commercial projects of masonry and lightweight construction materials

Our reputation is based on our proven ability to finish projects on time and within budget, and we are licensed and accredited in demolition and asbestos removal and we own our own earth moving machinery and truck which our employees are trained and licensed to operate.


We have accreditation with the NSW Department of Commerce for Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and we are currently waiting on our accreditation from the Federal Government.

Specialist service station builder

Seven 7/Eleven stores completed in 18 months

Knowledge and ability to complete all aspects of fuel related works


Sponsors of Abercrombie Juniors